About Eudita

Eudita is an audit firm that carries out its professional work throughout the national territory, with a firm vocation to integrate other small and medium-sized International Audit Firms into its structures.

Eudita arises from the need of the different grouped auditing firms to promote and combine the best technical and professional characteristics of each one of them, as well as a representation and management of common interests of their associates.

Eudita is distinguished by her high professional capacity and extensive experience in the sector, not only in auditing, but also in the different areas of consulting and advice to companies. Some of the member firms have been in business for more than 30 years, with a professional career beyond all doubt. Among the advantages of being part of Eudita, the application of a demanding Quality Control System on the work carried out stands out. Thus, Eudita puts at the service of society the wide and extensive experience of professionals belonging to Firms of great reputation, not only in auditing, but also in the different consulting areas.



He is present in all Eudita's multidisciplinary teams. This quality control guarantees us a high success rate in each project.


Based on the standardization of procedures within the firm and on the continuous training of its partners and staff.


The projects are approached with full independence, in terms of auditing and consulting.


Organization of permanent training and updating programs for partners, guaranteeing an adequate degree of professionalism in their work and maintaining an adequate level of knowledge.

Help partners to adapt to new techniques and changes in their responsibilities and in the economic environment in which they operate.

Carry out the legal procedures for the approval of training courses and plans, as well as the issuance of the corresponding certificates of attendance at the training activities carried out.
Carry out quality control on the professional activity carried out by its partners, ensuring faithful compliance with Law 19/1988, of July 12, on Account Auditing, the Regulations for its development and the technical auditing standards published by the Institute of Accounting and Audit of Accounts.

Monitor compliance with the ethical standards issued by the Institute of Accounting and Auditing of Accounts and those others that the Association establishes for its members.

Collaborate to the extent considered by its partners with the Accounting and Auditing Institute and the Public Law Corporations representing account auditors recognized by the Accounts Auditing Law.

The representation and management of interests common to its associates.
Unification of criteria and lines and methods of common action.
The analysis of situations that may arise to its associates with study and common resolution of the same.

Promote collaboration between firms for common professional purposes. Provide personalized advice service to its partners. Promote the implementation and improvement of services and resources.
Establish a correspondent service between associated professionals, nationally and internationally. Increase the professional capacity of your partners

Mission, Vision and Values


Through our activities, we guarantee the professionalization of the work and services provided by each of our partners. Our main objective is to respond to all the needs of our clients, always offering direct involvement in each project.


We put at the service of society the broad and extensive experience of renowned professionals, not only in auditing, but also in the different consulting areas. We support our clients to create a competitive advantage to generate business success.


We believe in our collaborators and enjoy working as a team. We build a climate of trust through clear and open relationships. Commitment and integrity are the basis of our work. We comply with the services we offer, we accept the goals of our clients as something of our own.

Organizational chart

Francisco Jimeno
Pablo Rodríguez
Vice President
Alejandro Martín
José Ramón Sánchez
Council member
Manuel Viñuales
Council member
Rafael Galmes
Internal Regime Commission
Tomás González
recruitment commission
Jorge Marti
Training Commission
Juan Juega
Marketing Commission
Mónica López
Quality Commission

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