Strategy Consulting

Commercial Contracting


Corporate Law and Corporate Governance


Procedure and Arbitration

Transport and International Trade

Positioning and business development. Optimization of operations and internal processes. Growth and internationalization plans. Restructuring, acquisition, integration and sale of businesses.

Commercial Contracting

Eudita has provided comprehensive advice in all areas of commercial practice to numerous companies over the years, especially in the field of commercial contracts.

The increase in the complexity of transactions and the appearance of specific legislation for industrial sectors in recent years means that all of our staff continue to undergo constant training and evolution to offer you the best possible service.

The quality of these services and our rapid response capacity give us the trust and loyalty of our clients, both national and international.


Some of our services:

  • Statutory reforms
  • General Meetings
  • Statutory Reforms
  • Council Secretaries
  • Agreements between Partners. 
  • Corporate Restructuring 
  • Duties and Responsibility of Administrators. 
  • Capital Increases and Reductions 

Corporate Law and Corporate Governance

At Eudita we understand the current commercial and financial dynamics of the business reality, for this reason we develop solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

Our experts in Corporate Law and Corporate Governance are in charge of guiding and organizing the design and execution of complex operations, as well as the resolution of those difficulties and conflicts arising from corporate governance. In this way we allow our clients to anticipate risks, getting them to be mitigated or eliminated in most cases.

Related Services:


  • Constitution of societies.
  • Structural modifications of companies: transformations, mergers and divisions
  • Review of annual accounts
  • Liquidation of companies and cessation or transfer of business branch
  • Constitution, organization and restructuring of groups of companies
  • Preparation and drafting of corporate governance principles and standards.
  • Obligations and responsibility of administrators, shareholders and directors
  • Carrying out obligations of keeping secretaries


Procedure and Arbitration

Our services include all types of procedural action before courts of all degrees in the civil, criminal, contentious-administrative and labor jurisdictional orders.

Our particular understanding of the needs and concerns of our clients allows us to fully appreciate the dimensions of each conflict, which gives us a competitive advantage when dealing with litigation. This reason allows us to be proud of our high percentage of successes in all kinds of legal proceedings.

At the same time, we are trained and have the experience to carry out national and international arbitration procedures both before ad hoc arbitrators and before the main arbitration institutions, including defense in all types of judicial incidents derived from arbitration (formalization, evidence, precautionary measures , enforcement and challenge of awards).

Transport and International Trade

In a globalized world with hardly any borders between markets, but with many bureaucratic obstacles, advice in terms of Logistics and International Trade is essential to achieve the objectives of companies with foreign trade relations.

This is where our firm comprehensively advises companies and public administrations in the following areas:

International Trade:

Advising import and export operations to Spanish entities, documentary credits and international terms of sale and their implications in the international transport of goods.

Logistics and Transportation:

Experience in advising on logistics, maritime, land and air transport to entities in the sector as well as in relation to claims for damage to merchandise, advice on international contracting.

Business consulting

construction and engineering

Energy and water. Environment

Real Estate

Design, implementation and optimization of processes. Change management. Operating model strategy. Development of IT systems (ERP, CRM, …). Outsourcing of business processes.

construction and engineering

After a few decades of success, construction and engineering companies have seen their expectations fall in recent years, having to face new challenges that include providing offers that can be competitive in the market and an exhaustive control of their expenses both at the level of materials as personnel.

At Eudita we are aware of the needs that this type of company requires, advising them on their legal needs. As well as in helping to search for financing, giving them the necessary legal support, sharing clients in infrastructure projects, energy, water, and especially now in company restructuring processes, working side by side in refinancing, ERES, reorganizations business etc.

We are also with them on a day-to-day basis, advising them on their corporate structures, partner agreements, internationalization, tax optimization for both the company and its natural person partners, advising them on the contracts they sign with third parties and helping them to focus on projects of your customers.

We offer comprehensive advice, aimed at providing a specific and personalized response to the needs of the companies that make up this business activity.

Energy and water. Environment

Conservation and environmental protection is one of Eudita's priorities, which is why we have specialists in environmental law and lawyers to address the issues that this area presents in a professional and legal manner.

Our team of professionals in the Environment is made up of lawyers specialized in this area, joined by a large group of professionals with an economic and technical profile such as engineers, geologists, chemists, physicists, graduates in Environmental Sciences, economists, etc.

The quality of this heterogeneous group guarantees quality professional collaboration, which unites the legal with the technical and economic-financial aspects, in all types of work and studies on international and national environmental law, renewable energies, sustainability, climate change and social responsibility. corporate.

Real Estate

Eudita has lawyers specializing in Real Estate Law who advise our clients by improving their knowledge on this matter.

Our experience in real estate and construction markets has led us to be present in relevant operations in the Iberian market. Our legal advice covers all matters related to the construction, financing and real estate investment of residential buildings, development, offices, business parks, logistics warehouses, hotels, tourist complexes, shopping parks and leisure centers in Spain.

Our real estate legal consulting covers the areas of:

Promotion, investment and financing of real estate projects

Corporate Finance Consulting

International taxation

Transfer prices

International arbitration

Projects and financing

Dispute and conflict resolution

Labor Law

Advice on mergers and acquisitions, corporate valuations, due diligence, private equity, strategic and financial advice, fund raising...

International taxation

At Eudita we are aware that the Spanish economy currently needs an analysis from the point of view of international taxation and not in isolation. For this reason, our experts are aware that the current globalization of taxation and the process of internationalization of the Spanish economy make it necessary to have this global vision of international taxation.

Within this area we examine issues such as the aspects that matter most to Spanish residents when making investments in foreign countries or how it affects the taxation of non-residents, or VAT in international and intra-community operations.

We also study the agreements between countries to avoid international double taxation, tax incentives for posting workers abroad and international tax planning.

These and other aspects related to international taxation are highly demanded by our clients. We work to find the best formulas in terms of international tax planning so that our clients are satisfied.

As expert advisors in international taxation, we can help you with your needs regarding taxation abroad. Currently, not only large multinationals need to cover these aspects, but SMEs and small companies must also know them in order to compete in a globalized world.

    Transfer prices

    The extensive experience of our multidisciplinary teams allows them to offer all the wisdom and knowledge about transfer pricing and efficient supply chain management (CSFE).

    Our professionals work with you on supply chain design, systems implications, transfer pricing, business restructuring, direct and indirect taxes, customs, and accounting. We help you in the construction and implementation of a structure that makes sense for your business, optimizing processes and managing the cost of the business.

    We help you review, document, manage and defend your transfer pricing processes and policies, and align them with your strategy to help your business reach its potential.

    How can we help you:

      -Transfer pricing planning

      -Global documentation

      -Management of global transfer pricing disputes and risks

      -Tax-Efficient Supply Chain Management

      -Transfer prices in financial services

      -Transfer prices and customs

      International arbitration

      Arbitration, in Law, is a way to resolve a dispute without resorting to ordinary jurisdiction. It is a conflict resolution strategy together with negotiation, mediation and conciliation.

      Our multidisciplinary organization made up of lawyers specializing in arbitration, with experience in international contentious procedures and experts in the different matters that are the subject of the dispute, manages to adapt the best human team according to the needs of the specific case.

      In this way, our clients benefit from the leadership of our firm in areas such as the securities markets, company law, financial operations, construction projects, infrastructure and energy, national and international contracting and new technologies, while at the same time guaranteeing them an experienced representation in the international framework.


      If the arbitration conforms to the law, it completely replaces the ordinary jurisdiction, which must refrain from hearing the dispute. However, it will be necessary to go to it (through executive action) when the intervention of the authorities is necessary to enforce the arbitration side.

      Among the advantages of arbitration are its speed, its flexibility and the fact that costs can be agreed upon in advance.

      Projects and financing

      We are aware of the complex situation that companies are experiencing today to undertake new business projects and obtain financing for such purposes.

      There are certain projects that, given their characteristics or complexities, have very little chance of obtaining financing through conventional financial institutions such as banks, online banks or savings banks.

      We are referring to business projects that either have a specific combination of the profitability and risk variables (possible high profitability, but possible high risk) or their possible implementation is of special interest to certain Administrations.  

      From Eudita we facilitate the rapprochement between these companies and financial entities as well as private ones, obtaining in most cases the obtaining of credit for our clients.

      Dispute and conflict resolution

      In the complex business world in which we live, alternative dispute resolution is increasingly used as a way to avoid litigation before the ordinary jurisdiction, preserve confidentiality in handling conflictive situations and foster trust and value creation. economic and business.

      Aware of this reality, our firm has the professional experience to assist its clients in mediation, negotiation and arbitration processes.

      Labor Law

      Labor law has been on everyone's lips in recent years due to the numerous amendments to the law and the way in which it affected employers and workers.

      At Eudita we are aware of the real need that companies have today to feel properly advised in an area in constant changes in regulations, for this reason in all our offices in Spain we are specialized in multiple facets of business advice: labor relations, senior management , advanced compensation systems, litigious practice, collective relations and restructuring, etc. Our distribution throughout a large part of the national territory makes us privileged interlocutors with trade union and business organizations as well as with the state and regional administrations.

      Labor Law is constantly changing, for this reason we have specialists in Labor and Social Security Law who keep us continuously updated on the main changes in the workplace, among others, those caused by labor reforms, the reform of the pension system, etc.

      His advice includes:

      • Labor hiring
      • Human Resources Consulting
      • Collective bargaining and labor relations.
      • Corporate reorganizations and productive decentralization
      • Layoffs and restructuring
      • Arbitration and litigation in the social jurisdictional order
      • Administrative and contentious-administrative procedures

      Risk Consulting

      Identification and evaluation of risks. Effectiveness and efficiency of internal processes. Design and implementation of management strategies, indicators and dashboards. Advice on management, accountability, relations with shareholders, insurance, treasury and processes.

      Tax advice and planning

      Our multidisciplinary team made up of economists who are experts in taxation at Eudita applies their knowledge of the current tax regulations, as well as the changes foreseen in them, in order to be able to execute tax planning with the rigor that it requires.

      We have extensive experience in each and every one of the matters of tax practice at a national and regional level, which reaffirms us as one of the best firms in this discipline.

      We deal closely with the management departments of our clients' companies in a close manner, observing day-to-day situations that may have an impact on the tax field.

      Our advice aims to ensure that our clients obtain the best use of tax regulations in order to obtain optimal management of their tax policies.


      Within the dependencies of tax advice and planning we find:

      • Tax advice to groups of companies and individuals
      • Tax consolidation groups
      • Investment tax planning
      • Inspection procedures
      • Family business taxation
      • Consultations before the Tax Administration
      • local taxation
      • Resources and claims before courts

      Fraud Consulting

      Prevention, detection and investigation of fraud: Intellectual property, breach of contract, unauthorized operations and unnecessary operations

      tax procedures

      We offer comprehensive coverage for highly complex tax consultancy issues, offering solutions and different alternatives through direct and transparent contact with the client.

      Our multidisciplinary team of experts in tax consulting offer the following services:

      • Tax Inspections
      • Procedures before the Tax Administration
      • Tax Due Diligence
      • Transfer prices
      • Consulting and Tax Strategies



      Restructuring Consulting

      Operating restructuring and refinancing


      Bankruptcy proceedings

      Operational restructuring, refinancing, independent reviews, insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings, monitoring of business plans...

      Operating restructuring and refinancing

      Currently there are many companies that must face a financial restructuring, being a very common case that financial entities have lost confidence in the information prepared by them.

      At Eudita we are aware of the pressure to which the entrepreneur is subjected at that time, which makes it difficult for him to attend to the demands of the restructuring and the day-to-day business at the same time. In addition, in this type of process, the board of directors must have first-hand information, and have contingent scenarios within its reach.

      Our team of professionals are used to working in this type of situation with extensive experience. We also make available to our clients our ability to access potential international agents interested in investing in companies with difficulties.

      These are some of the tasks we perform:

      -Business diagnosis
      -Assistance in the preparation by the Directorate of contingency plans
      -Management of working capital
      -Assistance in the preparation by the Management of strategic and financial plans that support the restructuring,
      -Assistance in the negotiation process with the financial entities involved and other third parties interested in the process
      -Advice on the purchase and sale of companies in crisis situations or with financial difficulties, including the search for potential opportunities
      -Assistance in the preparation by the Management of contingency plans that allow our clients to take the initiative depending on the course of the negotiations

      Bankruptcy proceedings

      From our restructuring area, we provide assistance in judicial and administrative proceedings in corporate restructuring or crisis environments. At the same time, we also act as bankruptcy administrators in the Commercial Courts. We perform the functions provided for the bankruptcy administration in accordance with the diligence required by the bankruptcy law, and within the bankruptcy body, in which the functions are exercised in a collegiate manner. . 

      Our experience, having been appointed as insolvency administrators in a large number of procedures by the main commercial courts in Spain, places us as one of the most relevant firms in this area at a national level.

      Our service offer includes:

      -Strategy proposal.
      -Presentation of the contest. Assistance in the preparation of the different documentation to be incorporated during the procedure.
      -Assistance in the management of the bankruptcy procedure, assisting our clients in all phases of the bankruptcy, both from an economic and legal point of view.

      Human Resources Consulting

      Management of human capital, culture and values, internal communication and adaptation of policies. Optimization of human capital and increased productivity and business profitability...

      Human capital management

      For many companies, the management of their human resources area ends up being a headache, for this reason, we provide a wide range of consulting and human capital management services.

      Our comprehensive services will allow you to attract and retain world-class talent, to advice on selection processes, to obtain better business results when searching, developing, motivating and rewarding your employees.

      At Eudita we also participate in the design, implementation and administration of social security programs. Our experts help you find solutions, including advice and intermediation in health insurance, management of work absenteeism and management of self-insurance in common contingencies and work accidents. We also advise you in negotiating with Mutuals.

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