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Eudita offers its extensive experience in auditing and consulting services through its branches network throughout Spain. 

Benefit from its great experience and the entire team´s “know how”, whose professionals receive an ambitious continuous training. Eudita is unique in its knowledge in the local market, which maximizes the success, efficiency and effectiveness in each and every one of the services we offer.

Eudita´s experience and knowledge integrate with technology and personal development, dedicating considerable amount of the company´s resources to make them their most valuable assets. 



Eudita provides its audit services in a wide range of sectors.

It adds value in business strategy, evaluation in control systems, and development of methodologies that adapt to your needs and that of your company, with the aim to improve your business’ credibility and to identify risks and areas to improve.

Eudita offers a wide range of products in the audit sector.

The firm has specialists in each key area of our business, and its multidisciplinary teams are equipped with expert accountants and market specialists in:
Capital, risk, transaction, corporate government, processes, business strategy, legal and tax specialists. 



We provide integral audit services, compulsory and non-compulsory, that endue your company with rigor and transparency. Our expertise in various areas allow us to successfully meet our clients´ needs.

Positioning and business development. Optimization of internal processes and operations. Development plans and internationalization. Restructuring, acquisition, business integration and sales.

Identification and evaluation of risks. Effectiveness and efficiency of internal processes. Design and implementation of management strategies, indicators, and dashboards. Consulting in management, accountability, relations with shareholders, insurance, treasury and processes.

Prevention, detection and investigation of fraud: intellectual property, breach of contract, unauthorized operations and unnecessary operations.
Design, implementation and optimization of processes. Management in change. Strategy in the operation model. Development of the IT system. Outsourcing of 
business processes.
Financial control systems. Advice of the development of control tools and guarantees in procedure compliance. Search and improvement of the financial conditions, increased performance, problem solving and management in change.

Operational restructuring, refinancing, independent reviews, insolvencies and bankruptcy procedures, monitoring business plans…

Advice in fusions and acquisitions, corporate ratings, due diligence, private equity, strategic and financial advice, fund rising…

Human capital management, culture and values, internal communication and adequacy of policies. Optimization of human capital and increase in productivity and corporate profitability.